Wednesday 25 March 2009

Pre-Planning Meeting

Later this morning I'll be attending a pre-planning meeting with the local planner to discuss proposals for the redevelopment of a property in town, known as Anglea's The site has been subject to two previous planning applications in the past, neither of which got any further that further information stage.

The fact that the property has been deleted from the list of projected structures in the past few months should help the case, in progressing the development this time. The building has been altered on a number of occasions in the past which has effected the structural integrity of the building. None of the walls are tied together. There is also evidence of movement, one only has to look at the crack in the picture. The original roof has been long removed, indeed there is evidence to suggest that the building has been shortened in the past too. The detail of the windows further suggests that the building has been altered overtime, so a redevelopment of the building at this time, is another stage in the life of the building.

Our proposal, is to partially demolish the building and reconstruct this in a contemporary style to distinguish the new works form the original... of course this is dependant on how we get on with the planner this morning.

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