Monday 23 March 2009

Planning Applications and decisions

Just putting the finishing touches to two "huge" (not ! ) planning applications this morning: A retention application for a coffee shop measuring 30 sq . m and an application for a replacement domestic garage.

The coffee shop application, is a result of planning enforcement, which is a big thing at the moment, in many of these case the first part should seek a Section 5 Declaration or referral, where a warning letter is sent out, prior to replying for retention. It was not an option in this case as there is not parent permission. The decision f the planning authority will be interesting.

The application for the garage is a straight forward application, although an additional hassle on the clients, has they have had the garage uprooted, due tot he recent flood relief works in Clonmel.

Friday did bring some positive news in that the planning authority granted permission for a development... admittedly reducing the floor area by 230 sq. metres, in reducing the development by a floor.

Friday was also to see a decision by An Bord Pleanala, in respect to a development which was subject to a third party appeal, however as of yet there is no news, the decision date , has been put back a number of times already, so there will be no surprise, if its put back again.

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