Tuesday 31 March 2009

Planning Decisions and invalidations

We received another positive decision from a planning authority on Friday last, it seems as if the penny has finally dropped in local government. The conditions were even favourable for a change.

Well maybe not as the ever increasing list of petty things giving cause for invalidations continues. I got a call from a planning authority to inform me to expect the return of the application as it has been invalidated due to a number of petty things, which won''t have been considered as items to invalid an application 6 months ago. In the course of the conversation I was advised to address a number of building control related items, which although they didn't invalidate the application, the local authority would be seeking them to be addressed even though they don't have a material effect on the planning application. Planning Authorities have now assumed the role of the Building Control Authority by all accounts... I wonder will they be issuing Opinions of Compliance with Planning and Building Regulations also.

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