Thursday 26 August 2010

Extensions & Renovations

Its looks like extension and renovations will be the flavour of the month for some time to come. In recent weeks I've had been working on some sketch proposals for new jobs that have arrived into the office. One came as a referral from a recent client, who's extension was recently finished... (there's nothing better than getting a referral from a satisfied client) 

Others have come by way of a developer, who's been asked to go back and build extensions to dwelling he built over 10 years ago.

Then there's the extension/renovation of "the homeplace", which has moved to site. Being built by direct labour means not only do I have to provide architectural advise but I've also been collared as a labourer when on site visits. From assisting putting up scaffolding to demolishing walls, and everything else in between . Needless to say site visits are in the evenings or on Saturdays. The entire house is to be insulated with external insulation, which will eleminate most if not all of the cold bridges. As work progresses there will be more updates.