Friday 19 March 2010

Quick update

Two jobs move on site on Monday...both extensions: one a two bedroom extension to a nursing home, the other an extension and alterations to a dwelling.  The same building contractor will be working on both, which is good, in that he does work to a very high standard, gets the job done right first time and on time and is fair when it comes to the final account.

Both contracts are of 12 week duration, which is short, in the greater scale of the overall project: I started working on the nursing home extension back in 2007, when I did a few sketch proposals, however at that stage the project was put on hold until the recent HIQA standards for nursing homes were published last year. 

As for the extension and alterations to the dwelling, it will have taken  one year to complete the entire project from the first meeting with the client until the time of completion on site.