Monday 22 June 2009

Extensions, Retentions etc

The last few weeks have been spent preparing extension and retention planning applications and taking in charge documentation. While retentions are normally straight forward in terms of preparing, there's the same level of work involved and often more than a clear new planning application, fees expected by clients are normally less. For retentions we charge out by the hour with expenses on top, so the client can see exactly what they are paying for.

Clients initially take the same view with regard to fees for extensions, looking at the smaller picture of adding a room, however went you start outlining to them the bigger picture of how an extension is also an opportunity to upgrade the entire house from an energy efficiency point of view they seem more value in fees and professional advise and of doing the work. Be it reducing the amount glazing to north facing sunrooms, upgrading the heating system or replacing less energy efficient double glazing with ones of better U-values. For the client there is good value to be got in construction of an extension at present. Also as people can no longer to afford to trade up, the extension is the only option of adding some additional space hence I think extensions will be the most common type of work in the foreseeable future.