Wednesday 11 March 2009

its the small stuff

Its the small stuff that takes the time.... working on small projects/jobs are far more time consuming to that of working on a large project. You could spend a day working on a small project and have hardly anything to show for it, yet a day on a major project, could see 5 or 6 drawings after the days work.

A planning application for a domestic garage for example may only have one A3 drawing and a few maps in its planning application but it still takes the best part of 2 days to prepare the planning application, while a week working on a larger project, could see a lorry load of drawings created for a planning application.

Also for some reason the small stuff seems to get left on the desk for longer, at present there's properly 5 or 6 small jobs to be done, which would occupy a week or two, yet some of them are outstanding for nearly a month at this stage and all are sitting on someone's desk for over a week. I think its time to allocate a morning or two each week solely to the smaller projects to keep on top of them.. staring this morning.

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