Thursday 27 September 2007


Yesterday, I went to an AutoCAD Revit Architecture Launch organised by the local Autodesk Reseller. Looked impressive, and definitely worth trying. I took a trial CD home with me to test it out for myself. It seems to be easy enough to use, although it is a little different to use compared to AutoCAD.

Of course there are factors to take on board, if we consider to invest in the software. To purchase a licence will work out at €100/week for the first year and then €20/week with subscription for yearly upgrades. A new notebook may also be required, the cost will also have to be factored in.Then there's the cost of training and the time required to adjust to the new work method. From talking to others, one should allow about 3 months to get totally up to speed with things.

But then if production is increased, the investment is worth it in the long term, considering I think BIM will be the future in terms of building design and CAD.

Wednesday 26 September 2007


Sketchup ! what a great piece of software for doing up concept sketches. The above was created in a matter of a couple of hours and got some post production in photoshop where I applied some of the standard filters. I have to say that sketchup was so easy to learn. .. not that I know everything about it... still learning !

I have it about 2 years now and just love working with it.

Friday 21 September 2007

More red tape !

The DOEHLG (Government) Guidelines for the design of apartments, have come into effect this week. The net effect is that all apartments will now have to be larger, with considerable larger storage space required than before. While these guidelines are welcomed and should help change the perception that apartments are small, more regulation is required to reduce noise transmission between apartments.

The guidelines recommend dual aspect apartments generally with balconies/patio areas to the living rooms. Can be difficult to accommodate in village/town centres of rural Ireland, where the Planners want traditional vernacular design. We'll wait and see if the apartment quality really improves.

Today saw the DOEHLG publish their latest amendments to Part L of the Building Regulations, relating to energy efficiency for dwellings. In theory it could to work, in practice it could be another story. Training, for both consultants and the builders/developers and information needs to be rolled out now, and not 2 weeks before or after the amendments come into effect. I must go study the Final Draft document, before it is wrote into law.

Thursday 20 September 2007

No rest for the AT !

Working as an architectural technologist can brings its pressures and rewards...
After almost 3 months, the holidays in between and some going backwards and forwards with the client, the largest project of the year so far to be undertaken in the office was delivered to the clients yesterday for submission to the Planning Authority. As the clients were new and the fees good, we were out to make a good impression.Presentation is everything and I think we got it right for this one. Of course the detail is important too and I think we managed that too, but you are always abit anxious with any project that, it will firstly get planning permission and secondly that the development will work.

With that job off the desk, the pressure is still on, as we have a number of masterplans to complete for the same clients. Not complaining though, as things have slowed down quiet considerably, generally in the office in the last 12 months... At least I get a chance to clean my desk at the end of the week not and even manage to take a day or two off work, as I done today and will do tomorrow, to catch up on the diy around the house, which I have put on the long finger for 2, 3 or is it 5 years now ! that's for another day