Tuesday 23 February 2010

Work Update

Since Christmas, I've been quiet busy- surprisingly as normally the month of January and February are the quietest.

I've been working on preparing contract documents for a small extension to a nursing home, which is about to start on site shortly.  The contact documents would have been complete ages ago, except the client requested a lift be provided for the existing first floor accommodation. It took 4 design proposals and costed works  before the client finally was satisfied, but we are there now.  We are using the RIAI's Building Contract SF-88 as the Building contract, as this is a simple contact and the scope of works are straight forward. The contact documentation should be going out the the contractor today to be signed. Its the first project we have starting on site since the middle of last year.

We have a second project also moving on site in the comming weeks too. This time an extension to a dwelling, which we tendered in October last year.  The clients too some time to consider their investement in the project after it was tendered, but now its full steam ahead.

Outside of preparing contract documentation, I've spend some time preparing documentation for building insurance claims as a result of burst pipe caused by the recent cold spell, not work usually associated with Architectural Technology Professionals.

I've spent a lot of time working on two major projects, which if either gets the go ahead would mean there would be sufficient work for the next 10-12 months.If both go ahead well then I will be really busy... but I won't be complaining. 

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