Monday 22 February 2010

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

As a member of CIAT, I am required to undertake and record a minimum of 35 hours of CPD each year. This year I have had no problem fulfilling my CPD hours; having already attended a number of structured or organised CPD Events; 26.5 hours to be exact so far over 3 events.

Accounting for the other time, can be quiet difficult, in that I spend hours researching things, from reviewing amendments to building regulations, watching U-Tube tutorials to reading books and even trade literature, yet seldom record this time. For example I spent 30 minutes yesterday studying “Standard Letters in Architectural Practice” yet I will most likely forget to note it in my CPD Record, or as I did last week, I spend 1 hour studying two reports on Multi-Foil insulation, yet that too will most properly go unaccounted for. Then there’s all the time associated with my Committee work on the CIAT Centre Committee, which can be counted too.

It’s properly safe to say that I would spend close to 100 hours in the typical year on CPD, yet I don’t account for it all, as often the time taken may be quiet short in researching something.

Why bother with CPD at all, well because nearly everyday, something new comes on stream or something changes, which effects the profession. As a professional having the most up to date knowledge is important, to ensure one executes one’s duties competently. Another reason is to broaden, one’s knowledge base, particularly within the current economic climate, where for many the day to day work type has changed.

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  1. Keeping account of CPD hours can be a pain, particularly when its left up to yourself