Thursday 7 January 2010

twenty ten

I returned back to work on Monday last and if I were to go on the first 2 hours in the office, as a sign of how things are to go for the coming year I’m in for a bad year. Firstly the heating wasn’t working, so you can image how cold the office was with temperatures of -4 C outside… old Georgian houses, aren’t noted for the insulation properties you know… it was a case of wearing my woolly heat for a few hours. To add to this I discovered the email was down and then none of printers were on line so I couldn’t print. I forgot to add that went I called to the local shop to get the local paper, containing two planning application adverts, they were sold out.

However by mid morning everything was sorted and I was back in Business… ok the office was still on the cold side, but temperatures were rising… well inside anyway and the technology was back on line and I had got copies of the local paper. All sorted.:)

Prospects of work for the year ahead were improving too as the day went on. Its looking like 2 projects of significant size (in today’s terms anyway) and budget are going to go ahead :)

Furthermore there’s been a few enquires about potential projects also already this week… OK nothing major, but still every little helps to quote one multinational’s catch phrase.

Yesterday I lodged my first Planning Application of 2010, an extension to the side of a dwelling. It will be interesting to see its reference number and if it will have been the first lodged to the planning authority for 2010, I would be very surprised if it’s outside of the first 3. It will be interesting to see the statistics for the amount of planning applications lodged last year….well done on 2007 and 2008 figures I would image.

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