Thursday 14 January 2010

Cottage Refurbishment

During the summer, we were asked to review an existing cottage located within the mountains, with the view to preparing some sketch plans for an extension and the refurbishment of the cottage. The brief required one double ensuire bedroom, a single bedroom, the retention of the origional sitting room, with its open fire and a large open plan  living space. The property was uniquely positioned in that it had spectacular views of the local mountain ranges in all directions, which the client wanted to capture.

We had proposed a contemporary style extension, which was well recieved by the client, unfortunatley the project hasn't proceeded any further to date.


  1. It looks good, you could make the corner glass in the extension higher to reduce the amount of wall above it, it might give it a sleeker look, unless its being used for somethiong else. i like the 3D.


  2. the sketch never developed any further beyond a sketch proposal. I do agree with you regarding reducing the amount of wall above.

    the 3d sketch like all the others are produced using sketchup