Sunday 6 April 2008

Slow down ..... not from where I am !

Its been a while since I was last on blogging. I've been very busy of late. So much for a slowdown in construction. we have picked up a number odd jobs of late, nothing large, just enough to keep us ticking over, but nobody is prepared to wait, they all have to be done immediately.

Last week was a busy week, spent all Tuesday traveling the South West viewing sites, in the hope that we would be in the running for a large job. Friday was a very intense day, as I had to write a number of reports on the sites and make relevant recommendations on their suitability. Not an easy task in a few cases.

In between that I had to complete a planning application submission and prepare a preliminary design for two warehouses. I meant to do attend to two other jobs as well, but I didn't get time to. Next week will be another hard week. There will be at least 3 guys on the phone first thing Monday morning !!!

On top of that I have tpo prepare a presentation for an information evening orgainsed by a local firm. The presentation is meant to be completed by Monday evening, so tomorrow or should I say later today will be busy. No rest at all for me....

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