Saturday 12 April 2008

Nerves, Nerves ,Nerves.

On Thursday night last I make a presentation to 60 odd potential self builders. It formed part of the EBS self build seminar, which was run by the local EBS branch. I had one or two moments when I lost my train of thought but this was down to nerves, I think. I definitely had too much ground to cover, in terms of topics, so I ended up running over on time. My presentation covered the design brief, selection of a designer, site selection, planning permission, routes of construction of dwelling, and certification . It would have been much better if it had only focuses on the first 3 items. I properly had too much detail too, in some areas. I'll know better next time ( if there is a next time ). Overall the night went well, not sure if we'll get any work out of it, but you'll never know.

Anyway I intend using the presentation as part of my POP record, hopefully it will be acceptable and have made the night useful for me.

Next week sees me heading SEI's Energy Show in Dublin, with where I'll attend two presentations, one which will really interest me, relates to the passive house, some which will become more and more common. Another couple of hours on the CPD count as well. Well over my minimum 35 hours are required to do by the Code of Conduct in CIAT.

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