Thursday 29 November 2007

Software Software ....... everywhere

In the last week we received delivery of our new software. On Tuesday of last week NBS Scheduler arrived. We'll be using this to assist us in generating specifications for projects. After spending a few hours examining it I have figured out how to use it.... Now for the real test.... to put it into practice on a project. Its content appears to be sufficent for what we do, which is important, I would have got my ass kicked if it didn't cover our basic bread and butter work.

Yesterday I took delivery of AutoCAD's Revit Architecture Suite. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, although I did manage to find time to install it on my laptop. For the moment I'll work thought the tutorials to get familiar with the software before attending a training course. The best way of learning is of course to start a project, but as we're on the run in to Christmas, the pressure will be on to get stuff out in hurry. New Year new beginnings or that's the plan anyway.

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