Sunday 4 November 2007

Plan Expo

Heading to Plan Expo this week , which is Ireland's largest annual construction show. In the past, I used only visit the event every second year, however it is now necessary to attend every year to keep abreast with new technologies and advancements within the industry. This year there is a zone focused on sustainability, no doubt in response to the growing interest in the area.

As part of this year's visit I will be attending a seminar on
Alternative Housebuilding Types which takes place on Thursday afternoon. It should be a useful seminar and hopefully give an insight of how the industry as a whole foresee the future of housing.

While attending the event, I hope to do some networking and gathering information for future CPD events, both for the office and CIAT. Naturally I'll also be looking for information for some projects that are in the pipeline and will be going to tender soon and of course doing some research of products for my own house which is under construction. I will particularly be interested in sustainable elements, solar heating, rainwater harvesting etc, which I am considering to put into the house, might even be ale to twist a few arms and get a few deals or at the very least ensure that the builder isn't going to screw me.

I'll report on my visit next week.

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