Thursday 27 September 2007


Yesterday, I went to an AutoCAD Revit Architecture Launch organised by the local Autodesk Reseller. Looked impressive, and definitely worth trying. I took a trial CD home with me to test it out for myself. It seems to be easy enough to use, although it is a little different to use compared to AutoCAD.

Of course there are factors to take on board, if we consider to invest in the software. To purchase a licence will work out at €100/week for the first year and then €20/week with subscription for yearly upgrades. A new notebook may also be required, the cost will also have to be factored in.Then there's the cost of training and the time required to adjust to the new work method. From talking to others, one should allow about 3 months to get totally up to speed with things.

But then if production is increased, the investment is worth it in the long term, considering I think BIM will be the future in terms of building design and CAD.

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